Vote Catriona Headley #1 on Lothians List

The Scottish Labour Party’s list voting is closing very soon and so I would like to take the opportunity to say that I am backing Cat Headley for the #1 position, and here’s why you should too…

It is no secret that the Scottish Labour Party took a real hit last year in May. It’s something we have to address as a Party and take radical steps to fight and win back Scotland.

Cat is relatively new to the world of politics; a fresh voice that our Party so desperately needs in order to rejuvenate it. Perhaps even more significantly though, she has a vision for the Party in the long term and recognises the challenge we face in gaining back the trust of Scottish voters.

Cat got involved in Better Together and quickly became heavily involved in the campaign before joining Scottish Labour and going on to be selected as a Parliamentary candidate. It is so refreshing to have a candidate who was drawn to politics by principle not by power.

She is passionate about the values of justice, compassion and fairness. The dedication she has to her campaign in Edinburgh Western and for the Lothians list alongside her work as a solicitor protecting vulnerable people illustrates this passion as she works tirelessly to try and implement her vision of a better Scotland.

As a young woman interested in politics myself, to see other women in the Party is inspiring. Scottish Labour’s commitment to gender equality on their lists is something I am really proud of, but it is no secret that the world of politics can still be seen as a “man’s world”. Young female role models with the energy and drive that Cat has are so important for other young women like me who can so easily become alienated by the old boy’s club.

Her focus on better mental health awareness and services is an issue I care deeply about, and as 1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental health issue in our lifetime, it is one which in one way or another affects all of us. It is still an issue which carries a lot of stigma with it and Cat’s commitment to bring it to the fore of Party politics is the kind of brave attitude and important move I want to see in an MSP.

On meeting Cat, it is evident that she is an intelligent, bold and compassionate woman with real drive and commitment to Scottish Labour and our core principles. These are exactly the traits and values I believe we need in an MSP in Holyrood in 2016. It’s why I’m backing Cat Headley #1 for Lothians List, and I hope you do too. 


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